You do not need any experience or previous training to attend the classes. The classes are friendly and intimate and will give you a complete body work out

Basic classes
(for beginners)
These classes are made for students with 0 experience in Ballet. It is a slow and detailed class perfect for very beginners
(for beginners with a little basic knowledge)
These classes are made for students who already know a little bit from the basics or have a knowledge in other dances or sports (jazz, modern, tango, ice skating, yoga, etc.)
Barre workout
(for everyone)
This is a Ballet Fitness Workout. The Barre Workout is accessible to everyone. No need of any ballet experience to attend these classes
Ballet Advanced
(for Intermediate and advanced level)
Classical ballet with barre and center made for intermediate and advanced to learn new technical steps and combinations pirouettes, diagonale, manege etc.
(for Intermediate and advanced level)
Learning variations from the Ballet Repertoire, variations of the Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, variation of the White Swan in Swan Lake, etc.
Body conditioning
(for everyone)
Mat work using pilates and stretching exercises to strengthen the muscles and improve the flexibility
(for everyone)
A group of physical training conducted in a fun and sporty atmosphere designed to build strength ad fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over 1 hour period of time