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Evelin Skarlatos

Evelin began dancing at age of 3 in Greece, following the Royal Academy of Dance methodology. During her education she acquired all R.A.D. ‘s certificates and started studying modern and contemporary dance.

In 2015 she passed her exams in the ministry of Culture and Sports (Greece) and got accepted to study as Dance Teacher for Ballet and Contemporary in Thessaloniki from where she graduated with honours in 2018. In this period, she had the chance to dance and work with distinguished Greek dancers and choreographers such as Maria Kousouni, Thanasis Solomos, Christine Brikman, Dimikritos Sifakis, Olga Kiriakopoulou.

Shew moved ti Zurich in 2018 when she was accepted the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, in the dance department in the Program MA of Arts, Teaching and Coaching Dance Professionals. There she worked with dance professionals such as Friederike Lampert, Naomi Perlov, Dimitri Chamblas, Emanuel Gat and many more.

Evelin has worked in various dance projects and productions in Switzerland as well as with the BA, Contemporary Dance in ZHdK. concept that continues to bring the love of dance to all as Ballet for Everyone.

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