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Katerina Apostologlou

Katerina was born in Greece, and she is our Studio Manager as well as Social Media Manager. She has got a solid background in Law and Bioethics, but Katerina’s real jam is social media.

Back in college, Katerina discovered the magic of social media and its power to educate and inspire. Now, she brings that passion to our team, managing the studio while sprinkling creative magic on our socials.
But what makes Katerina tick? It’s the perfect blend of being the organizational asset in the studio and the creative force online. She loves the challenge of managing administrative tasks, interacting with students and their parents.

With her unique blend of skills and energy, Katerina keeps our team on its toes and our socials looking sharp. Whether she’s managing the studio or crafting Instagram captions, Katerina brings passion and dedication to every aspect of her role.

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